Practice Today – 4/24/2023

Practice time: 3:45-5:45p

Here are TODAY’S training charts for the SPRINTERS/JUMPERS/HURDLERS. Please have your splits written down PRIOR TO PRACTICE.

Use the charts below and follow these instructions:

  1. If you are a short sprinter (100m/200m) use the GREEN CHART. If you are a long sprinter (300H/400m), use the PURPLE CHART. If you are unsure which type of sprinter you are, check the projection chart, it is highlighted accordingly.
  2. On the PROJECTION chart (it has your name somewhere on it), write down your highlighted time. For example, Josh’s projected 200m time is 21.45 (highlighted in green because he is a short sprinter).
  3. On the PERCENTAGE chart, locate the row with the time closest to your projected time (the time you already wrote down). For example, Josh would locate the 21.5 row on the GREEN CHART since he has a projected time of 21.45 and is a short sprinter. He would NOT use the 21.0 row because 21.45 is much closer to 21.5 than 21.0.
  4. Short sprinters: Write down the 100 and 200m split listed in the corresponding row. Long sprinters: Write down the 100, 200, 250 and 300m split listed in the corresponding row. For example, Josh would write down this time on his arm: 100: 10.75 / 200: 21.50; Jameson would write down these splits from the purple chart: 100: 11.86 / 200: 23.25 / 250: 29.42 / 300: 35.59
  5. Check the projection chart and memorize your training group number. Get familiar with who else is in your training group (training groups are labeled 1-9 for boys and 1-7 for girls).
  6. Be on time to practice and be prepared to follow instructions.