JV Northfield Meet

Date and place: Wednesday, March 22, 2023; All City Stadium,

Dismissal Time: 2:15pm

Start: Meet begins at 4:00pm.

Schedule: Click HERE for schedule.

What to bring: Uniform, water bottle(s), healthy snack, warm layers and sunscreen.

Rangeview Raider Invitational Highlights

A chilly morning led to a delayed start of the Rangeview Raider Invitational. Despite the low temperatures and an increasing breeze as the meet progressed, there were more than a few excellent performances from the East Angels in the opening meet of the season which featured about 20 medium and large size schools primarily from Denver and Aurora.

The Boys 4 x 800m were the first to take the track for the Angels. The team of Quinn Higgins, Henry Bennett, Jonas Scudamore, and Corbin Hobert pulled away for the win and a Colorado #2 time of 8:17.48. Among the must-see events for Angels fans this year will be the hurdles. Senior Nigel James, in his first season running hurdles, won both the 110m (14.83) and 300m (39.15) events in Colorado #3 and #1 times thus far for the season. Makai Wilson went 21st and 23rd in the hurdle events while Harry Hittle debuted with a 13th place finish in the 300m hurdles. On the girls’ side, Camila Read went 4th and 3rd in the 100m and 300m hurdles respectively and Mia Holloway went 5th and 8th.  

In the short sprints, sophomore Amelie Campbell will be one to watch this season; on Saturday she ran personal bests as she took 2nd in the 100m (12.46) and won the 200m (25.90) in Colorado #3 and #2 leading times respectively. Ligia Thortvedt and Sawyer Voas were 10th and 19th in the 100m while Olivia Ellis and Clara Artley were 8th and 31st in the 200m. For the boys, Josh Kao had a pair of third place finishes in the 100 (11.37) and 200m (23.35, PR) sprints. Freshman Jackson Llewellyn and Nikasio Brown went 13th and 37th in the 100 while William Germain and JaiVyence Winston were 18th and 26th in the 200m. 

Scudamore (4:38), Higgins (4:43) and Bennett (4:46) all PR’d on their way to 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place finishes in the 1600m. Ian Logan won the boys 3200m while Abraham Morginsky was 8th and Merle Hezel was 28th. Grace Todd went pole to wire to win the 1600m; Sophia Shiroff put in the most mileage, with her 3rd place finish in the 1600m and 2nd place finish in the 3200m. Evelyn Higgins was 10th in the 1600m and Avery Ash was 3rd in the 3200m. 

Junior Jameson Leigh braved the less than ideal conditions to win the 400m in an early season state #9 51.43, followed by Corbin Hobert (52.98) in 2nd and Aidan Logan in 9th. In the 800’s, Connor Beardsley was 6th, Kai Luna 17th, and Jackson Gertge 34th, while for the girls Julieta Ochoa was 3rd and Amelia Keglovitz 25th.  In the sprint relay events, the girls 4x100m (Emma Van De Velde, Isabella Raworth, Sawyer Voas, Elsa Manly) earned an 8th place finish, the boys 4x100m (Llewellyn, Winston, DJ Toppin, N. Brown) and 4x200m (Kao, James, Germain, Leigh) 5th place finishes, and the boys 4x400m (Nathan Taylor, Hittle, A. Logan, Beardsley) a 10th place finish.

Out on the field, DJ Toppin leaped to an outdoor PR of 19’9” for 3rd place in the boys long jump. Lyai Lyai took 9th in the high jump, Ben Wigglesworth threw for 26th in the discus and 35th in the shotput while Dylan Ingerson was 39th in the discus. Olivia Ellis took 4th in the girls long jump while Leah Maina took 5th in the triple jump and 6th in the high jump, both in personal bests. 

While team place is not a point of emphasis for the Angels during the invitational season, the Angels Boys finished 2nd place as a team and the Girls 4th (just 3 points outside of the top-2) in team scoring.

The Angels have three meets in the week ahead: a JV meet at All-City stadium on Wednesday; a varsity meet hosted by Denver South at All-City on Thursday; and the very competitive Broomfield Invitational on Saturday.

There are three meets this week, here is your guide on how to know what to do.

Northfield JV Meet

If you are a JV runner and want experience participating at a meet, the best meet for you will be the Northfield JV meet. Please click here to let us know you are available. Northfield Availability Form

This meet will be on Wednesday, March 22.

South Raven Invite

If you are a varsity athlete, but you not able to participate at the Broomfield Shoot Out on Saturday, this meet is a good one for you. South Raven Availability Form

This meet will be on Thursday, March 23.

Broomfield Shoot Out

If you are varsity and you will be in town on March 25, this is the right meet for you. Please add yourself to the availability form by clicking here. Broomfield Availability Form

This meet will be on Saturday, March 25.

Unless otherwise directed by your coach(es), please only sign up for one meet. If you have questions about which one you should sign up for, please ask your coach on Monday at practice. Monday’s practice will be at 3:45, even though there will be an early release from school.

Monday Practice & Training Charts

Monday’s practice will be at 3:45p per usual!

Sprinters & Jumpers Only,

Please have your splits written down PRIOR TO PRACTICE on Monday. A good place to write them down is on your arm (unless you plan on losing your arm prior to practice). We will not take time to do this at practice nor to organize training groups.

Use the charts below and follow these instructions:

  1. If you are a short sprinter (100m/200m) use the GREEN CHART. If you are a long sprinter (300H/400m), use the PURPLE CHART. If you are unsure which type of sprinter you are, check the projection chart, it is highlighted accordingly.
  2. On the PROJECTION chart (it has your name somewhere on it), write down your highlighted time. For example, Josh’s projected 200m time is 21.45 (highlighted in green because he is a short sprinter).
  3. On the PERCENTAGE chart, locate the column with the time closest to your projected time (the time you already wrote down). For example, Josh would locate the 21.5 column on the GREEN CHART since he has a projected time of 21.45 and is a short sprinter. He would NOT use the 21.0 column because 21.45 is much closer to 21.5 than 21.0.
  4. Write down the 50, 100, 150, and 200 split listed in the corresponding column. For example, Josh would write down these times on his arm: 50: 6.5 / 100: 12.9 / 150: 19.4 / 200: 25.8
  5. Check the projection chart and memorize your training group number. Get familiar with who else is in your training group (training groups are labeled 1-9 for boys and 1-7 for girls).
  6. Be on time to practice and be prepared to follow instructions.

Rangeview Raiders Invite

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023

Bus: Meet on or before 7:20 am at the big E in front of the school if you are riding the bus.

Bus will depart from the Esplanade side of the school at 7:30 am.

Time: Meet is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am and will be on a rolling schedule. Rangeview will watch the weather and could delay the meet start by an hour if it is too cold to start at 9:00 am. Stay tuned.

If you are not riding the bus, talk to your coach about when you need to be at the meet. A general guideline is to be there at least an hour before your event. Since this meet is on a rolling schedule, event start times are variable, so be extra cautious about when you think your start time will be.

Location: Aurora Public Schools Stadium (APS); 1250 Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80011, USA (map)

Meet information: Rangeview Invitational 2023

Entries: Entries for all East athletes at Rangeview

Bring: Your uniform, warm clothes (dress in super warm layers), hat, gloves, parka, blankets, healthy snacks for after your event(s) and a water bottle.

Go Angels!

Yes! We will have practice on Monday & more details about DPS relay meet

There will be practice on Monday, March 13 at 3:45pm. If you are participating the the DPS relay meet or the Rangeview meet, please pick up your uniform from a uniform volunteer at practice on Monday.

More details for the DPS Relay Meet:

Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Dismissal: 2:15pm

Leave East: by 2:30pm

Carpool: Click here if you can give a ride or if you need a ride. Carpool sign up for DPS relay meet

Time: 3:00pm – approx 8:00pm

  • Athletes need to arrive at least one hour before their event(s)
  • Coaches meeting at 3:30pm
  • Meet starts at 4:00pm

Location: All City Stadium (ACS), 1562 S. Franklin Street, Denver, CO 80210

Meet information: DPS Relay Meet 2023

Let your coaches know if you are available to participate at this meet by clicking here:  DPS Relay Availability Form

This is an excellent meet for freshmen and athletes who don’t have a lot of experience with meets. It is also a great first meet of the year for those who do have experience.

Go Angels!