There are three meets this week, here is your guide on how to know what to do.

Northfield JV Meet

If you are a JV runner and want experience participating at a meet, the best meet for you will be the Northfield JV meet. Please click here to let us know you are available. Northfield Availability Form

This meet will be on Wednesday, March 22.

South Raven Invite

If you are a varsity athlete, but you not able to participate at the Broomfield Shoot Out on Saturday, this meet is a good one for you. South Raven Availability Form

This meet will be on Thursday, March 23.

Broomfield Shoot Out

If you are varsity and you will be in town on March 25, this is the right meet for you. Please add yourself to the availability form by clicking here. Broomfield Availability Form

This meet will be on Saturday, March 25.

Unless otherwise directed by your coach(es), please only sign up for one meet. If you have questions about which one you should sign up for, please ask your coach on Monday at practice. Monday’s practice will be at 3:45, even though there will be an early release from school.