Practice Over Spring Break

In person practice at East:

Distance Runners: Practice at 9:00am

Sprinters: Practice at 11:30am

Alternate distance workouts below:

3/28 Mon: Long ladder – 1600m (5k pace), 1200m (near 3200 pace), 800m (sl slower than 1600 pace), 400m (sprint).  Walk one lap between intervals. 10-15 minute warm-up and cool down.

3/29 Tue: 55-60 min maintenance

3/30 Wed: 12 x200m fast/ 200m float recovery; 10-15min warm-up and warm-down

3/31 Thu: 45-50 min maintenance

4/1 Fri: 35-40 min maintenance

4/2 Sat: meet in Fort Collins; if not competing, 60-75min run with last 15 minutes at tempo

*All workouts may be run as a fartlek (running equivalent time per interval rather than distance per interval if a track is not available).