Distance Workouts for the week of 4/6-4/12

Distance Workouts 4/6 – 4/12 Distancing Workouts 4:6 to 4:12


Monday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV)
Tuesday 15 minute warm-up.  6 x 400m at 800m race pace. Full recovery (whatever you need, probably 4-5 minutes). 15 minute warm-down.
Wednesday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV)
Thursday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV) plus 10 x 100m uphill
Friday 15 minutes maintenance.

4 x 5 minutes tempo running 3rd minute of each tempo at 5K race pace (so 2min tempo, 1 min fast, 2min tempo), 5 minutes easy running between each interval. 10 minute warmdown

Saturday 75 minute run
Sunday rest


  • Since you may not have access to a track, you may need to run these intervals as a fartlek, or you may set up your own course on a trail or field and run for an equivalent amount of time or estimate the distance. For instance, if a 200m sprint normally takes you 40 seconds, simply sprint 40 seconds on a trail, road or field. 
  • Hang in there! We know it is hard to stay motivated with no races in the immediate horizon and the likely cancellation of the season. Hopefully these workouts give you a taste of something normal from our pre-shelter-in-place lives. All training is cumulative – training done now will help you in future seasons. We miss you.