CHSAA Cancels Spring Sports Season

East Track Family,

Again, I hope everyone and their families are staying safe and taking care of one another during this time.
In a statement this morning our CHSAA commissioner officially cancelled Colorado’s 2020 Spring Sports Season. Statement can be found here:
Obviously this was an outcome we were expecting while still hoping it was one we would be able to avoid. While, we did not get to fulfill the season as we had planned or hoped I am still very grateful to be a part of this program with you all. On behalf of myself and our coaching staff, we want to say thank you, to all the student-athletes that were already at practice and committed to being a part of our program this season, and to the numerous parents who had already agreed to help volunteer as well. I think we should all be very excited about where this program can and will go in the future! Thank you all so much.
As for our seniors: this is a group that I was very much looking forward to seeing compete, and also to spend some time with this year.  This is a special group of kids and I cannot wait to see what they go on to do as adults. Parents – we are trying to get something together to honor our Seniors, if you could send any pictures or awards/accomplishments from over the years in an email to me that would be great.
Also, keep an eye out for updates regarding hopeful summer training and competition. As well as the plans and training for the upcoming Cross Country season in the fall, here is their website as well:
Like I said before there are a lot of helpful hands in our East Community so please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or Coach Kohuth with anything you might need during these times.
Thank you!
Coach Tasker

Announcement from Coach Tasker

East Track Family,

First and foremost I hope that you and your families are staying safe and taking care of one another.
Secondly, I wanted to provide everyone with a quick update on information we are getting from CHSAA.  At this time, CHSAA has technically maintained the April 30th restart date for Spring Sports. However, they have made it clear that they want to be realistic in that they do anticipate that date being extended, most likely through the season. This is from CHSAA, “We don’t want to give false hope. Resuming spring activities and athletics statewide due to safety concerns does not appear promising.”  They have also not permitted any “voluntary team workouts,” so please avoid getting together with teammates or anyone else to workout. In the effort to not give you all any false or misguided information, we will be operating off of CHSAA’s current guidance in that we won’t officially cancel our season until they do, but with the understanding that any hope for competition this spring is not likely.
The final piece of information I wanted to share is that they will not be holding any CHSAA sanctioned events during the summer, so should they move to cancel the season that will be it. That being said, Track & Field competitions exist in the summer, every summer, and myself along with our coaching staff will be working to ensure that our athletes get the chance to compete in these meets as well as try and host a couple on our own, even if it can’t be under the East High name. These are sanctioned meets so the times/marks would be official and count towards college recruitment. Obviously, more will need to unfold before we know how/if summer track meets are even going to be an option, but should the stay at home request be lifting in time, I think it would be best to shift our focus to summer competition at this point.  With that said, we are going to do our best to draw up some circuits and strength activities you can do at home.
Lastly, I will keep you all updated here with any new developments I come across, but in the meantime please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any needs or questions you might have. If parents or athletes need help with the college recruitment process, advice on home workouts, or just need someone to chat with, my phone number is below and you can text or call me at anytime. I know this is a strange and tough time, but this team is a community, as is being an East Angel as a whole – if you need anything at all there are a lot of people and resources available to us.
Thank you!
Coach Tasker

Distance Workouts for the week of 4/6-4/12

Distance Workouts 4/6 – 4/12 Distancing Workouts 4:6 to 4:12


Monday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV)
Tuesday 15 minute warm-up.  6 x 400m at 800m race pace. Full recovery (whatever you need, probably 4-5 minutes). 15 minute warm-down.
Wednesday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV)
Thursday 50 minutes maintenance run. (40 minutes JV) plus 10 x 100m uphill
Friday 15 minutes maintenance.

4 x 5 minutes tempo running 3rd minute of each tempo at 5K race pace (so 2min tempo, 1 min fast, 2min tempo), 5 minutes easy running between each interval. 10 minute warmdown

Saturday 75 minute run
Sunday rest


  • Since you may not have access to a track, you may need to run these intervals as a fartlek, or you may set up your own course on a trail or field and run for an equivalent amount of time or estimate the distance. For instance, if a 200m sprint normally takes you 40 seconds, simply sprint 40 seconds on a trail, road or field. 
  • Hang in there! We know it is hard to stay motivated with no races in the immediate horizon and the likely cancellation of the season. Hopefully these workouts give you a taste of something normal from our pre-shelter-in-place lives. All training is cumulative – training done now will help you in future seasons. We miss you.