This week in track and field

Today is the official start of the season! We are on a regular practice schedule this week. Be sure to come prepared with water, snacks, and gear for all kinds of weather. The team policies are available on the link to the left if you need them.

This is the last week to order uniform shorts or warm-ups. You can do so by linking to the gear shop. ORDERS WILL BE CUT OFF ON MARCH 1.

For parents who could not make our social, but want to be involved, there are still lots of opportunities to help the team. We are looking for parents to help with uniform distribution next week and other tasks throughout the season, including photos, food, social events, banquet, and gear. Email if you want to get more involved.

March 8 will be our first meet. You can link to the calendar (and follow it if you want it to sync to your own calendar) for more details on the schedule.

Have a great week.