Cherry Creek meet- The Sequel

As you know, the meet on Saturday was cancelled midway through because of weather. The parts of the meet that were not run on Saturday have been scheduled for Monday starting at 3:30.

Entries: There are many details up in the air, but as of now, below is the list of who will compete on Monday afternoon. Athletes: if you are injured, have exams or conflicts, are not listed but should be because you were entered Saturday, or see other discrepancies, please contact coaches. The relays may shift, so you know. 

Transportation: IF WE CAN GET A BUS at this late hour, we will leave East at 2:00. IF WE DO NOT GET A BUS, WE WILL CARPOOL from East at 2:00. We will update you as soon as we know more. Thanks for your flexibility.  

Arria Minor – 100 meters, 200 meters

Maya Ries -100 meter hurdles

Joseph Abiakam – 110 and 300 meter hurdles

Lilly Cory – 800 meters

Isabella Smith – 800 meters

Lucia Cappella – 800 meters

Romeo Alvarez-King – 800 meters

Nikita Cordier – 800 meters

Hayelom Fitsom – 800 meters, 4×400 relay

Helen Maley – 300 meter hurdles

Joshua Hodges – 300 meter hurdles

Christian Hurd – 300 meter hurdles

Laurel Kruger – 1600 meters

Rhianna Herd – 1600 meters

Rafael Marmalejo-Daher – 1600 meters

Noah Hill – 1600 meters

Harrison Scudamore – 1600 meters

Julian Smith – 4×400 relay

Jordan Drummond – 4×400 relay

Charles Young – 4×400 relay

Mysun Hall – 4×400 relay

Jack Moran – 4×400 relay

Simone Watkins – 4×400 relay

Isabella Horton – 4×400 relay

Nyima Fey – 4×400 relay

Tessa Gartrell – 4×400 relay

Nina Kemp – 4×400 relay


Cherry Creek/Grandview Invitational- 6:30 bus departure

The bus will leave East High School at 6:30 am.

The following athletes are entered. The heat sheets and meet schedule are not yet posted, but you can check this link to get them as soon as they are.

Abiakam Joseph
Adams Jackson
Algee Syanne
Alvarez King Romeo
Bannister Lizzie
Bernacchi-Sass Will
Cappella Lucia
Carbajal Carlos
Cordier Nikita
Cory  Lilly
Drummond Jordan
Fey Nyima
Fitsum Hayelom
Ford Brett
Foxworth Cornelius
Gartrell Tessa
Gould Drew
Hall Mysun
Harris Melodee
Herd Rhianna
Hill Noah
Hodges Joshua
Hopkins Jesse
Horton Isabella
Hughes William
Hurd Christian
Kealiher Samantha
Kemp Nina
Kruger Laurel
Maley Helen
Marmolejo-Daher Rafael
Marshall Isa
Massey Joey
McCalman Deasia
Minor Arria
Moran Jack
Ogbai Alazar
Parker Isabella
Perry-Mazion Shakym
Pottinger Katherine
Ries Maya
Roybal Jones Gabriel
Scudamore Harrison
Singleton Aniya
Smith Isabella
Smith Julian
Spritzer David
Terroade J’Lynn
Toriggino Nicholas
Vaden Shyanne
Walker Jeremy
Watkins Simone
Weber Alex

JFK B Meet | Tuesday, May 3

Class dismissal at 2:15

Bus leaves at 2:30


Early Dismissal JFK JV Meet

All eligible JV athletes who have been attending practice will participate.

Meet begins at 4:00 pm at

John F. Kennedy High School 
2855 South Lamar Street
Denver, CO 80227

Meet schedule will be a traditional meet schedule beginning at 4:00 pm.

Athletes who are not participating in the JFK B Meet will have practice at East with Coaches KristaBelle and Ruff.