City Championships-Sat. details and Fri. results

Bus will leave for All City Stadium at 8 am Saturday morning. The list of athletes competing is below, as is the final results for those who competed on Friday.

Friday Final Events Results

Girls 4×800 (3200) Relay – 2nd place – Katie Pottinger, Isa Marshall, Lilly Cory, Rhianna Herd

Girls 1600 Meter Run – Isa Marshall – 2nd place, Rhianna Herd- 4th place, Lilly Cory – 9th place

Girls Triple Jump – Maya Ries – 1st place

Girls Discus Throw – Melodee Harris – 3rd place, Hana Kibe-Chartier – 7th place

Boys 4×800 (3200) Relay – 2nd place – Hayelom Fitsum, Nikita Cordier, William Hughes, Nick Torrigino

Boys 3200 Meter Run – Harrison Scudamore – 1st place, Noah Hill – 5th place, Jeremy Walker – 7th place

Boys Shot Put – Jessie Hopkins – 3rd place, Drew Gould – 9th place


Finalists for Saturday’s competition

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles – Maya Ries, Tessa Gartrell

Girls 100 Meter Dash – Arria Minor, Syanne Algee, Tessa Gartrell

Girls 400 Meter Dash – Nina Kemp, Isabella Horton

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles – Nyima Fey, Helen Maley, Ivory Sambula

Girls 200 Meter Dash – Simone Watkins, Arria Minor, Syanne Algee

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles – Christian Hurd

Boys 100 Meter Dash – Jack Moran

Boys 400 Meter Dash – Hayelom Fitsum, Charles Young

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles – Joseph Abiakam, Christian Hurd

Boys 200 Meter Dash – Charles Young, Jordan Drummond